iBeacons for Research

iBeacons for Research


Technology for market research is constantly evolving as we strive for a more accurate picture of consumer wants and needs.

How do we gain an accurate picture? We need to speak to people in the way that they would naturally communicate information, and at a time that feels natural to them. We have already found that using emojis and videos allows us to see/understand facial expressions, sentiment and the underlying emotion behind a decision. Not only does this tell us much that a standard survey or focus group might not be able to, but it is also collected in a way that makes sense to the customer.

Similarly, our iBeacon app, which communicates with people's smartphones the moment they enter or exit a venue, allows us to gain visceral, in-the-moment feedback as they interact with the client environment. Whether the consumer is at an event, arriving at an airport, dining at a restaurant or visiting a store, we can hear and see exactly how that environment is impacting them the instant it happens.

Teamed together with our journey software, we get a detailed view of the lead-up to a trip or visit, the actual experience whilst the consumer is there, then the more considered view some days later; going on to revisit/repurchase or drift to a competitor. 

iBeacon technology is another tool that allows MindMover to map the entire customer journey in a level of detail and accuracy that has not before been possible and at scale. This allows our clients to smooth that journey and alleviate pressure points, ultimately retaining and delighting a greater number of valuable customers!

If you are interested in learning more about what MindMover can do with iBeacon technology in research, please contact hello@mindmover.co.uk or call us on 44 (0) 203 176 0729