Improving the Customer Journey

Clients often want to understand how customers make their decisions. However, as most research is point in time, customers are unable to remember or identify the build-up of events that lead to making a choice. 

MindMover's customer journey programme follows a large group of people over an extended period of time, as their experiences with a product or service develop. It is therefore able to pull apart the different influencers and how important each can be to the ultimate decision.

Our programmes have helped a wide and diverse range of clients to get clear answers and actionable insights, for example:

  • Which CRM streams result in greatest retention of customers 
  • When and how contract customers are lured away (and how to counteract this) 
  • The impact of new government legislation on customer experience and choice 
  • How to encourage compliance with vital usage instructions to ensure the customer gets the optimum experience 



MindMover's Customer Journey allows you to maximise your chances of attracting and retaining valuable customers by keeping them happy and engaged. 

Alongside this valuable data, the journey also allows you to walk in customers’ shoes - providing rare in-depth insight into what it is like to experience your product or service first hand. This is achieved using vibrant roving reporter videos and diaries of key moments delivered as they happen. We help you to fully immerse your stakeholders in the customers’ world, and develop directly to their needs. 

If you are interested in learning more about how MindMover can can help you understand the customer journey, please contact or call us on 44 (0) 203 176 0729