DIY Research - the In-House Option



Pros and cons

One of the major benefits of DIY research is the ability to keep everything as close to you as possible; there is no outsourcing here. You have full control over your own research and are involved at every stage – you are informed on every aspect from inception to execution. As a result, the turnaround is often much quicker, helped along by technological advances that simplify the process greatly. With less need for additional developers, costs are also kept down.

Clients with very specific needs may not be able to find these anywhere outside of their own offices – and a client’s needs may not be the only valuable thing that can be found here. Talking to staff can be a great way to compile data, as they are well-placed to highlight trends and opportunities, using their own market knowledge. This is particularly valuable for B2B market research. They also act as middle-men between the client and the customer, helping to acquire useful data and use their skills to shape it into useful analytics.

On the other hand, the old adage that “you get what you pay for” rings true here. Use of DIY research depends on individual experience – the kind that you can get through outsourcing. With full control comes increased responsibility in how research is conducted, and companies that wish to conduct their own research may not always have the tools available.


Achieving a balance

Companies looking at DIY research need to balance the notions of keeping everything in-house with the resources at their disposal. Maintaining a close control on research – but one requires the proper tools with which to use that data in order to make informed decisions going forward.

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