Assisted self-serve – our middle ground of market research


Our middle ground

Here at MindMover, we are rolling out what we’re calling “assisted self-serve” – a one-stop shop for all research needs. It’s the best of both worlds: a hybrid system allowing clients to pick and choose what to do in-house and what to outsource, remaining flexible with these options. It’s easy to use and is supplemented by a Wiki complete with support videos, removing the need for long, tedious PDF manuals. Clients are able to be as hands-on as is necessary, while remaining flexible on what to outsource.


What we offer

The easy-to-use system can accommodate for all levels of complexity, and offers branded, mobile-friendly surveys, reporting, toplines with auto-generated graphs and a choice of on-screen or Excel imports. Raw data exports are offered across all major formats, including CSV (Excel) and SPSS. Quantitative and qualitative research is covered in one location, and because data is used across a broad spectrum of technology, information can easily be pulled from study to study.

The advanced online community and panel management tools allow the creation of both bespoke and templated front-end websites, as well as a user-friendly system to migrate existing panels and front-end websites to new locations. This, along with survey programming and reporting tools, are all pulled together by our bespoke project management tool in one place.


Assisted self-serve – rolling out the best of both worlds

The simplicity of use, as well as the flexible client options with regards to hands-on involvement and outsourcing, makes our assisted self-serve a sought-after research option that many other platforms cannot offer. It provides our clients with our expertise in the field of market research, while allowing them to stay involved at as many levels as they would like.

If you would like more information about assisted self-serve, or an idea of costs, please contact Mark Ursell at


David Rees is the Community Project Manager at MindMover Consumer Insight. To find out more about MindMover Connect and other research communities run by MindMover, email our team at or call 44 (0) 203 176 0729