New members of the MindMover family!


Charles Allison – Associate Director

Charles recently joined MindMover as an Associate Director, having spent the previous 4 years working on strategic ad-hoc research projects across a range of industries, including finance, media, technology and utilities. Prior to this Charles worked in social media analytics and insight, helping major Hollywood studios understand how their films were being discussed online and recommending ways to optimise their digital campaigns.

Charles has a passion for making sense of complex data and turning it into compelling stories for his clients. He loves getting out there and speaking to consumers, finding out what they think and feeding that back to help his clients take their research to new heights.


Melodi Akca – Senior Research Executive

Mel has been working in the market research industry for three years, specialising in brand equity and comms. She has worked with clients across the oil, telecoms and FMCG categories working closely with stakeholders to build brand equity and increase advertising and campaign effectiveness.

Mel is fresh to the MindMover team joining as a Senior Research Executive in June 2017 and has had a very welcoming and educational first month! She will be working on product testing with a number of clients. Mel is thrilled to be part of the team and looking forward to learning lots more from the team and the role.