Asking the Right Questions



Interactive research

The development of our bespoke scripting software Tview has been influenced by the people who use it every day. It is easy to use, heavily customisable, and requires no advanced programming knowledge. Our software is not only mobile-friendly but also device-agnostic, so that it can adjust to whichever device it is being used on.

The question types we offer are incredibly varied. This allows us to optimise our surveys in order to obtain the most insightful data possible. We have a range of interactive question types that help improve the survey respondent experience. Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions our platform has:


  • Image Highlighter

    This question lets respondents easily highlight and comment on sections of an image that stand out to them. Areas that they like or dislike can be highlighted in different colours. For new adverts or product designs, this truly lets you view your design through your customers' eyes. The system then outputs easy to use heat maps for analysis.


  • Word Highlighter

    Respondents answering this kind of question can highlight words or phrases in a list or paragraph. This is useful for picking out parts of an advertising slogan or article that particularly resonate with your audience.


  • Dial Test

    This question is an effective way to find out how people feel about videos and adverts. Respondents click and hold the dial and move it to the emotion they feel as the video plays. By using this question type we can obtain real-time reactions to your advertising and media.



What we offer: a demonstration

Those are just a few of the many question types we can use. If you would like to see them all and how they work, you can use the demonstration link below to try them out. This is updated whenever a new question type is added to our library.



Innovation never stops

Our question library is constantly growing and adapting to the needs of our clients and we are continuing to create new, innovative research methods. We are passionate about engaging respondents and providing the best possible data for our clients. Our range of different question types is one of the main things allowing us to achieve both of these goals.


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