Voxpops: Humanising Data



What are Voxpops?

Voxpops are short video clips that are used in place of text-based answers. Our panellists can record responses to questions as well as videos of themselves using products. Voxpops can be captured across a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops with no need for additional app installation. They provide insight that goes beyond a text response where important aspects like tone can be lost.



Voxpopme is the online hub for compiling data and delivering a usable end result. Video clips are transcribed and organised using a range of advanced search and filter options. A word highlighter tool lets us group sections of videos together dependent on selected words or phrases. These are all placed into one clip show focusing on a specific theme. This way, we can obtain very precise data for our clients as efficiently as possible.

Voxpops can also be grouped using sentiment analysis. Subgroups of video clips can be created based on the emotions of the respondents. This is especially important when gauging feelings about a new product and would not be possible using text feedback.

Speed is a crucial feature when using Voxpops. The entire process from capturing to analysing and sharing video feedback takes minutes. This makes Voxpops a viable alternative to focus groups. Video feedback without timing and location constraints means that global video studies can be run in hardly any time at all.


Getting closer to consumers

Voxpops are able to significantly enrich the data we receive. Viewing real emotions on screen allows us to gain a deeper understanding of consumers. We have integrated Voxpops into many of our traditional quantitative surveys so that our clients can get real insight from real people.

At MindMover, we are always exploring how the latest technology can be used to enhance the quality of our research. Video software offers many exciting possibilities and allows us to deliver the best possible data to our clients.



If you would like more information about the software or questions mentioned in this article, please contact Mark Ursell at mark.ursell@mindmover.co.uk.

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