Engaging an audience: motivation



Motivation to take part in surveys comes in many different forms. When asking a respondent to take part in a survey, it is always important to ask yourself “Would I do this?” A survey is a two way conversation, and people are far more receptive when they feel valued.


There are several common types of survey motivation:



We can use our surveys to appeal to these motivating factors:

  • The interactive question types we offer give respondents something fresh and new.
  • Emphasising a sufficient reward for their help increases excitement and gives participants something to compete for.
  • Seeing people’s views reflected in stores and products is a powerful motivator.
  • Reassuring them that their views are important makes them feel more involved and we try to let our respondents know this as much as possible.
  • Asking entertaining questions keeps people interested and more likely to complete surveys properly.


All our data comes from the respondent. If they are bored, confused or unfulfilled, it has a huge impact on their enjoyment and their willingness to answer questions properly. Liars, speeders and pattern-answering can all be attributed to poor surveys. A motivated, valued respondent will help us get the best possible data for our clients.


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